Government Done Right is the ongoing PA House Republican effort to lower costs and bring continued economic growth to Pennsylvania and prosperity to its residents.

In short, this initiative is about:

Reducing Costs
Onerous, redundant and out-of-date regulations cost employers time and money and they cost residents headaches and hassles.

Cutting Job-Crushing, Employer-Harassing Red Tape
Government regulations are usually created by unelected government bureaucrats. Pennsylvania has more than 153,000 regulatory restrictions that stretch across every industry operating within the Commonwealth. Overregulation not only puts Pennsylvanians at serious risk of losing family-sustaining jobs to other states where regulatory compliance is less onerous, it can even weaken the effectiveness of legitimate health and safety regulations already in place. 

Cleaning Out the Books
Of the thousands of regulations on the books, many were enacted several decades ago and are simply archaic and are no longer applicable.

Right-Sizing Government
Pennsylvania needs a more commonsense approach that ensures Pennsylvania reverses the growth of government by restructuring, or right-sizing, in the most efficient and effective ways – and that is #GovtDoneRight.

PA House Republican leaders and committee chairs held a press conference detailing a session of successful regulatory reform and elimination efforts as the caucus endeavored to ensure government is done right.

That work includes a number of standing House committees approving letters to trigger an expedited review by the Independent Regulatory Review Commission to determine whether regulations that have been on the books for three or more years continue to be in the public interest.

Leaders and Committee Chairs on Government Done Right

“One of the things I am most proud of the House Republican Caucus in leading on over the course of this legislative session has been our effort to successfully limit the size and scope of government. We are truly taking power back for the people and getting government out of the way to provide predictability, consistency and growth.”
- PA House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff

“During a series of hearings over the summer about inflation, we heard a lot about the role regulations are playing in driving up costs for job creators and consumers alike, and we recently reviewed a report with the Mercatus Center outlining how regulations increase the state’s poverty rates. That’s why the recent work of our standing committees to review regulations on the book is so important.”
- PA House Majority Policy Committee Chairman Martin Causer

"One thing the pandemic made clear in the aging and older adult care space is this: we need better access to the many services that seniors in PA receive. As we age, the roles of the Departments of Health, Human Services, and Aging can often be confusing for consumers. If there is a chance that some of this red tape can be removed to make aging services more accessible, I am proud to be a part of it.”
- PA House Aging and Older Adult Services Committee Chairman Gary Day

“Going forward, it is my hope we continue this deep dive into regulations impacting nearly every citizen of Pennsylvania so the effectiveness and merit of each regulation can be determined. Should it be discovered a regulation is unnecessary, then it surely ought to be stricken from the books. This would greatly decrease government interference in the lives of its citizens and businesses.”
- PA House State Government Committee Chairman Seth Grove