According to a recent report from the United States Commission on Sentencing [Recidivism of Federal Firearms Offenders Released in 2010 | United States Sentencing Commission (]:

Firearms offenders recidivated at a higher rate than all other offenders. Over two-thirds (69.0%) of firearms offenders were rearrested for a new crime during the eight-year follow-up period compared to less than half of all other offenders (45.1%).

Firearms offenders and all other offenders who recidivated were rearrested for similar crimes. Of the firearms offenders who recidivated, assault was the most serious new charge for 25.9 percent of offenders followed by drug trafficking (11.0%). Similarly, of the all other offenders who recidivated, assault was the most common new charge (19.0%) followed by drug trafficking (11.4%).

Firearms offenders have higher recidivism rates than all other offenders in every Criminal History Category (CHC). Within most CHCs, this difference was about ten percentage points.
   o In CHC I, 39.7 percent of firearms offenders recidivated compared to 29.6 percent of all other offenders.
   o In CHC VI, 82.8 percent of firearms offenders recidivated compared to 72.9 percent of all other offenders.

Firearms offenders recidivated at a higher rate than all other offenders in every age-at-release grouping. Firearms offenders recidivated at over twice the rate of all other offenders among those released after age 59 (31.1% compared to 14.5%).

So it appears Krasner’s Philadelphia is somehow the only jurisdiction in the nation where illegal possession of a firearm does not relate to subsequent crime?  Of note, there is no correlation between LEGAL possession and subsequent violent crime. But there is a direct connection between illegal possession and subsequent crime

House Republicans agree. 

The crime crisis in Philadelphia, brought about by DA Krasner’s dereliction of duty in willfully refusing to enforce the law, has reached a breaking point requiring the extraordinary measure to stop Krasner.

In Their Words

Former Mayor Michael Nutter recently wrote that Krasner needs to “send a message to the shooters, murderers, and criminals of this city by committing to actually prosecute them, rather than coddle them, make excuses, reduce or drop charges. He should commit to locking them up for carrying illegal weapons or shooting people.”

Former District Attorney Seth Williams commented, “There are shootings in Center City, Olde City, the Northeast, South Philly — everywhere. Meanwhile, Krasner says there is no connection between illegal gun possession and gun violence. He actually said that.

“Despite his degree from Stanford, he doesn’t realize the last thing a felon does before shooting someone is carry the gun to the scene of the crime. He has even said publicly that prosecuting people for illegally possessing guns criminalizes poverty. No, Larry, it criminalizes people willing to shoot and kill other humans!”

Last month, former DA Williams wrote, “Krasner’s abdication of his duty as an advocate was illustrated in stark terms in a recent federal habeas appeal before Judge Mitchell Goldberg. …

“In a stunning opinion Judge Goldberg highlighted the dishonesty of Krasner and his prosecutors in the effort to assist Wharton in evading a death sentence. As outlined in his opinion, Judge Goldberg took the unusual step of appointing the State Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office to represent the interest of the Commonwealth because Krasner’s office was acting jointly with defense counsel to undo the sentence that had been imposed by a judge and jury. 

“In other words Krasner had so obviously abandoned his role as advocate for the Commonwealth that the Judge had to appoint another prosecutor’s office to fulfill that role.”   

Krasner knows best… or better than a jury at least

Four people were murdered after a car crashed into a crowd of young people while fleeing from stealing a motorcycle at gunpoint. A jury determined the crash was the inevitable outcome of an unbroken chain of events that began when the two men stole the motorcycle at gunpoint.

In Pennsylvania, second-degree murder is a killing that happens as a result of a person committing, attempting to commit, or fleeing from an act of robbery, burglary, kidnapping, rape, or arson. The punishment is a mandatory sentence of life without parole.

Except when the district attorney is Larry Krasner; he will go back in time to revisit settled cases to get criminals out of jail because “he” finds laws passed by General Assembly of Pennsylvania “excessive.”

False Claims?

District Attorney Larry Krasner “has claimed he has made repeated calls for enhanced forensic technologies to bolster the city’s police department amid a generational spike in gun crime, homicides, and carjackings.

“However, Broad + Liberty filed a Right to Know Law request seeking all the correspondence in the past year Mr. Krasner has communicated those requests, either by email or regular mail.” Records requests shows no communications from Krasner seeking better forensic technologies for law enforcement.