The House Republican Caucus elected a slate of leaders committed to addressing the evolving needs of the Commonwealth through fiscal responsibility, limited government, and policies that drive strong communities and opportunities for individual success.

As Democrats continue to push an extreme agenda that would move Pennsylvania backwards, the new Republican leadership team will be at the front of a united caucus ready to fight for every Pennsylvanian.

“Our leaders, much like our caucus, are an optimistic group of forward thinkers from diverse backgrounds and regions. Our shared experiences and commitment to find solutions is unwavering and this group is poised and ready to find a pathway to opportunity for all Pennsylvanians,” Cutler said. “Republican ideals grow opportunities for families. Our policies reduce the burden on taxpayers and increase access for all Pennsylvanians to make their lives better today than they were yesterday. This leadership team, just like our caucus, is ready to take on what lies ahead. And I look forward to being with this caucus every step of the way.”