Jul. 08, 2022

HARRISBURG – The fiscal year 2022-23 state budget passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives by a vote of 180-20 and House Republican leaders hailed the spending plan as historic in its investment in Pennsylvania while ensuring fiscal responsibility to provide stability in future years.

“Right now, families across Pennsylvania are forced to make difficult financial decisions due to out-of-control inflation. Our key goal in this budget is to promise taxpayers this budget does not contribute to that on-going crisis, and works to reverse it,” Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler said. “This budget manages the challenges of our current situation, while benefiting taxpayers in the future. Whether it is maximizing savings in our Rainy Day Fund, protecting and investing in our farmers, or making historic targeted strides in improving our children’s futures, this is a budget every Pennsylvanian can be proud of.”

The 2022-23 state budget and related legislation provide historic tax cuts, investments in education and environmental programs, and help for vulnerable populations, nursing homes and other assisted living facilities.

“At a time with so much at stake and taking a realistic view of our future economic outlook, this budget delivers for the people of Pennsylvania today while setting us up for a stable Commonwealth tomorrow,” said Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin). “Not only did we hold the line on spending, but our caucus led on making key investments in growth areas of Pennsylvania to drive community investment and strengthen our families and the future of our children. This is truly a budget every Pennsylvanian should be proud of.”

Importantly, the fiscal year 2022-23 state budget uses state funds prudently to provide for the immediate needs of Pennsylvanians while setting the Commonwealth up for solvency into the future and making Pennsylvania competitive with other states to attract job creators to drive long-term growth.

“The budget that we passed today is the most comprehensive budget-related legislative package I have experienced in a long time. It is a budget that puts the needs of the people before the needs of the government,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman Stan Saylor (R-York). “This budget contains historic tax cuts that make Pennsylvania more competitive in job creation, provides relief to working families and seniors, and makes targeted investments in the people of Pennsylvania. This spending plan also leaves the next General Assembly in sound financial order by using the prudent budgeting principles that are the continued hallmark of Republican leadership.”

More information about the state budget can be found at PAHouseGOP.com/statebudget.


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Pennsylvania House Republican Leaders Comment on Historic State Budget