House Republican Leaders Call for Spending Slow Down

 PA House and Senate GOP Leaders Respond to the Governor's Address

From high-achieving, safe schools, to growing jobs and providing opportunities for every Pennsylvanian to thrive in family-sustaining careers, Pennsylvania House Republicans share many of the same goals Gov. Tom Wolf discussed in his budget address. 

However, we believe that the best way to achieve these goals and turn them into a reality for all our citizens is not just with new government programs, more spending and additional debt.

These approaches to problem-solving oversimplify the core underlying issues driving the need for state government intervention and they ignore the significant investments that are already being made by Pennsylvania’s taxpayers.

Why Are There Still Cost Overruns During Revenue Surpluses?

As an example, while our state has enjoyed revenue surpluses during one of the most robust economic times in recent memory, we continue to experience high levels of cost overruns in executive departments, which have resulted in unsustainable supplemental budgetary needs.

As a result, during the next few months, while we have meaningful debates and discussion over how to meet Pennsylvania’s challenges in the 2020-21 budget, House Republicans intend to seriously engage with our legislative partners and the governor on how we can better manage our resources, programs and investments.

State Government Must Do What Every Pennsylvania Family Does

Every Pennsylvanian sets a budget and must live within the means of that spending plan. It is time for state government to do the same.
By focusing on best management practices, reducing or eliminating programs that do not produce measurable results, allocating scarce resources properly, and exercising fiscal restraint, we can truly advance a common goal – government that not only works, but serves, respects and effectively manages.
PA House Appropriations Chairman Stan Saylor 

What's Next?

Members of the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee will hold a series of hearings to examine the governor's budget proposal.
>> Watch the hearings here.

Additional Information on the Governor's 2020-21 Budget Proposal