Are you a victim of crime in Philadelphia? Do you feel safe in the city?

Has District Attorney Larry Krasner's policies failed to keep you and your loved ones safe?

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Philadelphia’s crisis of crime is not a problem of not enough laws, but a crisis of leadership which does not enforce the laws already on the books in Philadelphia.

The crime crisis in Philadelphia, brought about by District Attorney Larry Krasner’s dereliction of duty in willfully refusing to enforce the law, has reached a breaking point requiring consideration of the extraordinary measure of impeachment.

Representatives Josh Kail, Torren Ecker, and Tim O’Neal announced they are starting the process of beginning the impeachment of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Families and business owners impacted by crime in Philadelphia will discuss how District Attorney Larry Krasner’s failure to prosecute gun crime has impacted their lives.  


“We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence.”
- Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, December 5, 2021

Murder, robbery, assault, and carjackings increased under District Attorney Larry Krasner’s watch. Just look at the data and you can see crime is out of control in Philadelphia.  

Last year, there were 562 homicides, nearly double than 10 years ago, and homicides top the news cycle week after week so far this year.  

According to Police Commissioner Danielle M. Outlaw, last year’s 757 carjackings was a 34% jump over 2020.  

In 2018, Larry Krasner was elected District Attorney. From the moment he took office, he fired seasoned prosecutors, argued that most misdemeanors should not be prosecuted, lobbied for lighter sentences for serious felonies and pushed for the elimination of cash bail. He has reduced supervision for offenders on parole and he refuses to seek longer sentences for repeat offenders – in fact, he seeks reduced sentences for plea deals.  

Now, as Philadelphia’s crime epidemic continues, Krasner actually boasts at his ‘success’ of reducing sentences of criminals in the city by more than 28,000 years and supervision of criminals on probation or parole by more than 118,000 years.

The result has been mass shoplifting, open prostitution, drug markets and, a record numbers of shootings and murders.

Dangerously for Philadelphia, DA Krasner has said “There is no connection between illegal gun possession and gun violence…  prosecuting people for illegally possessing guns criminalizes poverty.” Seriously, this is what he says. 
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Keeping Our Communities Safe
Keeping our communities safe, and fighting crime are core functions of government, as such, it is a priority of House Republican members.

Led by House Republicans, the General Assembly has long been working to take violent criminals off the streets, and take guns out of the hands of convicted felons.

Further, while being bold, House Republicans have been confronting the underlying social and economic conditions to address the root causes of crime.

From better job opportunities and providing the skills to hold those jobs, to removing barriers in our welfare system preventing people from getting a job, to educational opportunities, to opening doors for better drug and alcohol treatment in our prisons and in communities around the state – our priority is to keep our communities safe for ALL Pennsylvanians.

We're working on legislation to help ensure that those who break the law will be held accountable.

This is what “Smart Justice” is all about. Learn more about the Smart Justice initiative, legislation intended to make all of Pennsylvania safer.